Nothing Up My Sleeve but Pixie Dust:

How Working at Disneyland's Main Street Magic Shop Changed Everything

A memoir by Bruce Edwards

A former Disneyland magician takes readers on a journey through that legendary shop in the 1970s.

Go beyond the magic tricks that dazzled park guests to discover the behind-the-counter shenanigans the public never saw.

Through rare photos and hilarious anecdotes, learn what working at the Happiest Place on Earth was like before smart phones and social media.

If you think you've learned all there is to know about Disneyland, prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

An Unacceptable Christmas

by Bruce Edwards

A teenage girl fights injustice, as she campaigns to end a federal ban on Santa Claus.

All 6-year-old Michael wants for Christmas is to welcome home his missing father. Stating his wish in a letter to Santa would be the norm for one so young, only the cheerless boy has never heard of the jolly old elf.

Federal courts have ruled once and for all that Santa Claus does not exist. Lawmakers have banned displaying Santa's likeness and singing songs that mention his name.

Outraged, Michael's teenage sister launches a spirited campaign to force Congress to repeal the ban, insisting that believing in Santa Claus is every child's right.

About the Author

Bruce Edwards writes stories for young adults that are relevant to our times—everything from the trappings of modern technology to the absurdity of Washington politics. But Bruce's unconventional approach to storytelling doesn't come at the expense of a fun read. His stories are never short on fun, fantasy and imagination.

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