Sample Questions

What is The Age of Amy series for young adults about?

An inquisitive teenage girl struggles to understand the times she was born into.

How is Amy different from other YA fiction characters?

She's the antithesis of the modern-day teenager.

Where do your stories take place?

From small farming communities to faraway fantasy realms.

What makes these books unique?

The stories delve beneath the surface of issues by examining the absurdities in human behavior.

What themes do your books explore?

Identity, meanness, belonging, manipulation, guilt.>

What influences have shaped your writing?

The Twilight Zone for mirroring society through fantasy. Star Trek, for its hidden editorial commentary.

Why target a young-adult audience?

Today's youth are more receptive to new ideas.

What should young readers take away from your books?

Imagine the possibilities!

Who would you recommend your books to?

Broad-minded young adults in search of alternative YA fiction.

What are you currently working on?

An Unacceptable Christmas - 2020 release.


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