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An Unacceptable Christmas

"An Unacceptable Christmas hooked me from its opening sentence. This charming book kept me interested throughout. Although the protagonist is 16, this is not a book only for adolescents. Readers of all ages will enjoy it."

—Readers' Favorite

"An Unacceptable Christmas is a uniquely inspiring tale that is told creatively and with heart. The secondary characters add depth and help carry the story to a satisfying conclusion."

—Big Al's Books and Pals

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The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp

Book #1

"[Bonehead Bootcamp] is truly a book about finding one's real self. The author Bruce Edwards does a really great job setting up the plot of the story. I highly recommend this book."


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The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment

Book #2

"Edwards creates complex characters in this political adventure that transcends stereotypes. This book will be popular with those looking for a quirky love story with an exciting twist."

—School Library Journal

"Edwards has spun a wacky, satirical farce. Readers will appreciate Amy’s sharp wit and the overall comedy of political theater."


"[The Thumper Amendment] is a sometimes tongue-in-cheek story about teenagers getting the right to vote. The author has a wonderful wit. A young adult reader would do well to consider this book."

—Readers' Favorite

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The Age of Amy: Channel '63

Book #3

"[Author Bruce Edwards] plops a fresh protagonist into a quirky setting to deliver a riotous young-adult adventure. It offers strange fun, a sympathetic teen narrator, and valuable life lessons, making it all around deserving of a wide audience."

—Foreword Reviews

"[Channel '63] is an entertaining and original story—funny and bright and a lot of fun. It's zany and delightful with some great references to the sixties."

—Readers' Favorite

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The Age of Amy: Behind the Fun Zone

Book #4

"A deftly crafted novel that demonstrates author Bruce Edwards' mastery of the young adult fiction genre. Behind the Fun Zone is an unfailingly entertaining read from beginning to end."

—Midwest Book Review

"I enjoyed the action and adventure in Behind the Fun Zone. Edwards gives the reader something to think about in this fantasy that points out the dangers inherent in technology. His specter of a commercially based totalitarianism is properly spooky."

—Readers' Favorite

"In addition to being a commentary about people's addiction to technology, Behind the Fun Zone also covers issues of privacy and conformity that are an issue for people today. It is a fun and breezy read, made all the more satisfying because it asks so many important questions."

—Self-Publishing Review

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The Age of Amy: Mad Dogs and Makeovers

Book #5

"While Mad Dogs and Makeovers is a tale of fantasy, it's nevertheless grounded in reality. The character of Amy is spunky, determined, and highly likable. The book deals with the concept of doing something for the greater good of mankind, raising it head and shoulders above most in this genre. Definitely two thumbs up!"

—Readers' Favorite

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